Senior Athletics:

Train, compete, improve ... repeat!

At Athletics Chilwell, our goal is to continuously support and encourage every senior athlete to get the best out of themselves in their chosen events. 

We may have produced Olympic athletes and national champions; but we also recognise and celebrate the incredible effort behind every new PB (personal best), no matter how small! 

How it works

Athletics Chilwell competes in the Victorian track & field season for senior athletes, which is staged by Athletics Victoria during the summer season, from October to April. 

For those who prefer longer running distances, or want to keep fit during the winter months, the club also facilitates athletes to participate in the cross country season as part of teams formed to represent the Geelong region.

In track & field, the primary competition is Athletics Victoria State League (AVSL), a 10-round interclub competition conducted from October to March, followed by the running of State and National championships.

The home base of Athletics Chilwell is Landy Field in South Geelong; however, athletes can choose to compete at any AVSL-authorised venue around Victoria.

Under AVSL rules, athletes compete primarily against their own gender in age groups, eg. U14, U16, U18, U20, Open and Veteran (30+, 40+, 50+, 60+, 70+). 

However, many field events (ie. jumps and throws) typically combine competitors across all groups, ensuring there are always athletes of a similar level of performance to compete against.

Supporting performance

Athletics Chilwell aims to ensure every athlete has access to qualified coaching and suitable equipment and facilities for their chosen event/s, including regular training sessions.

We want to support every athlete to achieve their performance potential - whether that's achieving a new PB, winning their event, or representing their state or country.

Yet above all else, we believe athletics should be rewarding and fun, and strive to create a supportive atmosphere that welcomes and celebrates athletes of all levels of skill and ability.

Pictures courtesy of Ehn Sea Photography