Little Athletics:

Learn how to be an athlete - and have heaps of fun!

The greatest challenge of participating in athletics is also one of its most unique selling points.

Unlike most other sports, track & field athletics comprises a wide range of running, walking, jumping and throwing events, each with its own skills and attributes. 

Our little athletes have the opportunity to try all of them in a progressive, fully-supervised way. Along their journey, they can decide which ones they like best. 

Perhaps best of all, though, little athletics is geared towards having fun. Results are considered less important than the enjoyment that comes from having a go and beginning to master the nuances of each individual discipline.

Athletes move from one event to the next with their own age and gender cohort, forging the friendship bonds that can underpin a lifelong love for the sport.

How does it work?

Athletics Chilwell is one of only two Geelong-based clubs to offer a pathway for athletes to begin their journey with Little Athletics, and progress to Senior Athletics within the same structure. We compete in track & field (summer), and cross country (winter).

Our track & field athletes compete at Landy Field in South Geelong on Saturday mornings from October to March, learning the skills of each event within their own age and gender group (eg. U8 to U17).

Parents are not just welcome, they are encouraged to get involved, both as supportive spectators and also as volunteers who assist officials with the running of each event.

Concurrently, the Geelong Little Athletics Centre (GLAC) runs On-Trackers, a shortened program enabling younger children (ages 6-8) to get their first taste of running, jumping and throwing disciplines via a series of highly modified and age-appropriate activities.

Athletics Chilwell promotes a family-first atmosphere, with our athletes and their families encouraged to gather at our club marquee each Saturday morning to support the athletes in action.

Although the key focus is on participation, learning and fun, there are also opportunities for little athletes to progress to Regional, State and National championships.

Little athletes aged 12-17 may choose to progress to senior athletics. Athletics Chilwell offers a first-year discount to any athlete stepping up to seniors, and/or discounts to athletes who choose dual registration (ie. compete in both).