01 Apr We are the (Division 2) champions!

Athletics Chilwell is the champion club in Division 2 of Athletics Victoria’s AVSL competition, and will rejoin the premier Division 1 competition next season.

The club put in a dominant performance at the season-ending AVSL Playoffs at Lakeside Stadium, with a team of 25 athletes scoring nearly 17,000 points over the full-day event. Athletics Chilwell was set for a head-to-head battle with Bendigo club Eaglehawk for Division 2 supremacy, but the Eaglehawk club failed to attend the showdown, handing Chilwell the easiest of victories.

After being relegated from Division 1 in 2019-20, the inaugural season of AVSL multi-table competition, Athletics Chilwell sat atop the Division 2 ladder throughout the 2020-21 season, handing the club one of two guaranteed promotion slots back to Division 1 for next season. Athletics Chilwell will be joined in Division 1 by Eaglehawk (2nd) and Collingwood (3rd), the latter after winning a promotion-relegation battle with Western Athletics.

In intermittently wet conditions, Chilwell athletes competed widely across the scheduled events and notable performances came from Owen Costin (2nd overall and 1st U18, 2000m Walk); Emma Peters (1st, Open discus), Noah Burns (1st, U18 pole vault), Cassidy Bradshaw (1st, U18 pole vault), Ryan Costin and Jack Ellis (2nd and 3rd overall/U16, 2000m Steeple); Liam Mullen (1st, U20 Long Jump), D’Artagnan Reed-Broekman (3rd, U18 Long Jump), the men’s U18 4x200m relay (1st U18 – Luke Fraser, Seth McCleish, Drummond Paine, Billy Griffin), and the women’s open 4x200m relay (3rd – Bree McLennan, Emma Peters, Anna-Marie Petrovic, Dakoda Smith).

Congratulations to all Athletics Chilwell athletes who competed over the course of the AVSL 2020-21 season and scored points, and good luck to all athletes travelling to the National Track and Field Championships in Sydney (April 12-19).

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18 Mar Sprinter’s triple gold leads Chilwell’s strong championship charge with sprint triple

Athletics Chilwell junior athlete Caleb Kilpatrick has provided one of the highlights of the 2021 Victorian Little Athletics Championships, winning the sprinting triple and claiming both the national and state record in the 400 metres (subject to confirmation). Caleb’s stunning performance in winning gold in the 14 Boys 100m, 200m and 400m races headed strong performances by Chilwell athletes at Lakeside Stadium on March 13-14, competing as members of the Geelong Centre.


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26 Jan 2021 Country Championships

Gold rush for Athletics Chilwell at the Vic Country Championships

Athletics Chilwell has had an outstandingly successful meet at the 2021 Country Victorian Championships, with a large squad of athletes bringing home an incredible 35 gold, 21 silver and nine bronze medals from the Ballarat event.

The club’s ever-reliable troupe of veteran women led the gold rush with Jacinta Burns (50+) collecting four gold medals in the 100m, 200m, 4x100m and pole vault. Her effort was almost matched by Donna Braden (40+) who collected gold in the 200m, 800m and 4x100m, and silver in the 400m. Karen Kirby (60+) collected gold in the hammer throw, shot put and 4x100m, and bronze in the javelin and discus.

Meanwhile, in the women’s under 14 competition, Karla Boras showed her incredible potential with gold in the long jump, triple jump (Geelong U13 Residential Record) and 80m hurdles, and a bronze in the 100m. Sister Tiana Boras collected gold in the two events she has made her own in recent years, the triple and long jumps.

Other dual gold medallists included Caleb Kilpatrick (Under 16 Men), Georgina Mervin (40+ Women), Christian Davis (Open Men), Guy Williams (Under 16 Men) and Amali Butcher (Under 16 Women) in her first competition for the club after relocating from Queensland just one week prior.

A special mention to another recent arrival at the club, Massimo Pantano (Under 16 Men), who won the 100m Hurdles and finished second in the 200m and Under 20 4 x 100m relay, while Isla Bradshaw (Under 14 Women) also excelled with gold in the 400m and silver in the 800m and 200m.

Well done also to Zander Zurawel (Under 14 Men), who collected an impressive haul of five silver and one bronze medal, plus PBs in two events!

Overall, Athletics Chilwell finished fourth in the Margaret Saunders Cup awarded to the most successful club of the meet, and finished 3rd in the David Kitt Trophy (male athletes’ aggregate) and 4th in the Ex Athletes Cup (female athletes’ aggregate).

Each year Athletics Chilwell presents awards to the outstanding male and female veteran athletes of the meet, and in 2021 these went to Angela Williams (Wendouree) and Grant Simpson (Bellarine).

Congratulations to all our athletes who competed in great spirit in oppressively warm conditions, with many PBs recorded, Geelong Athletics Residential records to be ratified (Noah Burns – U15 Men’s Pole Vault; Tiana Boras – U16 to Open Women’s Long Jump) and even several nationals qualifiers!

Finally, a huge thanks to all the officials and volunteers who assisted across one of our biggest weekends of the year.

Victorian Country Track & Field Championships

January 22-24, Llanberris Reserve, Ballarat

Athletics Chilwell medal winners


Women’s U14 800m: 2nd – Isla Bradshaw 2m 23.38s
Men’s Under 14 800m: 2nd – Zander Zurawel 2m 24.94s
Women’s Under 20 800m: 3rd – Skye Ellis 2m 20.38s
Women’s 40+ 800m: 1st – Donna Braden 3 m 06.46s
Men’s Open 800m: 1st – Christian Davis 1m 53.84s
Women’s Under 16 200m hurdles: 1st – Amali Butcher 30.46s
Men’s Open 5000m Walk: 2nd – Owen Costin 28m 19.92s
Women’s Under 16 3000m: 2nd – Jasmine Orelli 12m 10.74s
Women’s Under 18 3000m: 1st – Bethany Dean 11m 33.06s
Women’s Under 20 3000m: 1st – Zoe Woods 10m 43.86s
Men’s Under 14 3000m: 2nd – Angus Thomas 10m 54.66s


Women’s 60+ Javelin: 3rd – Karen Kirby 14.54m
Men’s U14 Long Jump: 1st – Guy Williams 5.37m
Women’s Open Discus: 2nd – Emma Peters 32.55m
Women’s Ambulant Long Jump: 2nd – Kelly Cartwright (T63) 3.96m
Men’s Under 18 Shotput: 1st – Angus Alberts 17.60m



Men’s Under 18 3000m Walk: 2nd – Owen Costin 16m 16.70s
Men’s Under 16 2000m Steeple: 2nd – Magnus Woods 7m 18.05s; 3rd – Oliver Bradshaw 7m 22.03s
Men’s Under 18 2000m Steeple: 2nd – Jack Ellis 7m 07.85s
Women’s Under 14 100m: 3rd – Karla Boras 14.19s
Men’s Under 16 100m: 2nd – Caleb Kilpatrick 12.06s
Women’s 50+ 100m: 1st – Jacinta Burns 14.30s
Men’s Ambulant 100m: 2nd – Ashwin Singh (T46) 13.88s
Men’s Open 100m: 1st – Liam Mullen 10.83s


Women’s Under 16 High Jump: 1st – Teagan Zurawel 1.62m
Women’s Under 14 Long Jump: 1st – Karla Boras 4.86m
Women’s Open Long Jump: 3rd – Kelly Cartwright (T63) 4.01m
Men’s Under 14 Triple Jump: 1st – Guy Williams 11.30m
Women’s 60+ Hammer: 1st – Karen Kirby 21.04m


Men’s Under 14 1500m: 2nd – Zander Zurawel 5m 09.31s
Women’s Under 20 1500m: 3rd – Skye Ellis 4m 54.15s
Women’s 40+ 1500m: 2nd – Georgina Mervin 5m 15.42s
Women’s Under 14 400m: 1st – Isla Bradshaw 62.97s
Men’s Under 14 400m: 2nd – Zander Zurawel 63.67s
Men’s Under 16 400m: 1st – Caleb Kilpatrick 51.20s
Women’s 40+ 400m: 1st – Georgina Mervin 70.14s; 2nd – Donna Braden 78.32s
Men’s Open 400m: 1st – Christian Davis 47.60s


Women’s Under 18 Long Jump: 1st – Tiana Boras 5.68m
Men’s Under 20 Triple Jump: 1st – D’Artagnan Reed-Broekman 13.61m
Men’s Under 16 Triple Jump: 1st – Seth McCleish 12.42m
Women’s 50+ Pole Vault: 1st – Jacinta Burns 2.65m
Women’s 60+ Discus: 3rd – Karen Kirby 18.67m


Women’s Under 14 200m: 2nd – Isla Bradshaw 29.05s
Men’s Under 14 200m: 3rd – Zander Zurawel 29.14s
Men’s Under 16 200m: 1st – Caleb Kilpatrick 23.90s; 2nd – Massimo Pantano 24.36s
Women’s 40+ 200m: 1st – Donna Braden 34.08s
Women’s 50+ 200m: 1st – Jacinta Burns 29.87s
Men’s Under 16 100m Hurdles: 1st – Massimo Pantano 14.37s
Women’s Under 16 90m Hurdles: 1st – Amali Butcher 13.83s
Women’s Under 14 80m Hurdles: 1st – Karla Boras 14.30s

Men’s Under 16 4x100m: 2nd – Noah Burns, Oliver Bradshaw, Zander Zurawel, Caleb Kilpatrick 52.44s

Men’s Under 20 4x100m: 2nd – Massimo Pantano, Ryan Costin, Drummond Paine, Luke Fraser 46.37s

Women’s 40+ 4x100m: 1st – Donna Braden, Georgina Mervin, Karen Kirby, Jacinta Burns 63.40s



Men Under 16 Pole Vault: 1st – Noah Burns 4.10m; 2nd – Alexander Jarman 3.20m; 3rd – Oliver Bradshaw 3.00m
Men Under 18 Pole Vault: 1st – Campbell Braden 3.30m
Women’s Under 14 Triple Jump: 1st – Karla Boras 10.31m
Women’s Open Pole Vault: 1st – Cassidy Bradshaw 4.00m
Men’s Under 14 Shot Put: 2nd – Zander Zurawel 5.70m
Women’s Under 18 Triple Jump: 1st – Tiana Boras 12.91m
Women’s 60+ Shot Put: 1st – Karen Kirby 8.08m
Men’s Under 20 Long Jump: 3rd – D’Artagnan Reed-Broekman 6.32m
Men’s Ambulant Shot Put: 1st – Marty Jackson (T38) 15.13m



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21 Nov Senior athletes – AVSL is back!

We know everyone is excited to get back on the track and we wanted to make sure that you have all of the information you need to participate this season, starting with AVSL Round 1 on Saturday, November 28. Regional venues including the Geelong centre will continue to compete on Saturday afternoons, as has been the case in previous years. Due to COVID-19, understandably there are some changes to the way events will be operated to align with State Government Health and Safety standards and Athletics Victoria asks that all members are aware of the format and processes associated.

For a run-down on how this season will work, how to enter, what to do on event day, where to compete, COVID-safe principles, draft timetables and venues, click here.
For a more detailed guide, click here.
For entries, click here.
If you haven’t yet joined, click here.

With everything now set for a delayed start to the season, we’re looking forward to seeing you at Landy Field!

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13 Nov Welcome back to athletics!

After a very challenging and uncertain year, it’s great to finally have some certainty over the 2020-21 athletics seasons, both senior and little athletics.

Little athletics
Our little athletes will lead off on Saturday, November 14, with Program 2 kicking off at Landy Field from 8.15am. Gates open from 7.30am and we advise all our little athletic families to arrive early, as all entrants will be required to enter via one of the Swanston Street gates where you need to sign-in either using a QR code you can scan on your phone (preferred) or by pen-and-paper.

There will be some changes to the way events will be conducted and marshalled, with all relevant COVID-19 guidelines being adhered to – this means social distancing, groups of 10 or less, compulsory masks for everyone aged 12 or over – excluding during actual running, jumping or throwing, but required whilst waiting – and, of course, sanitising of hands and equipment. We look forward to the easing of restrictions over time that hopefully will remove some of these rules; but for now we encourage everyone to take a deep breath and understand that the rules in place are required to keep us competing.

Please also respect all the officials and parent volunteers who are doing their best under sometimes difficult circumstances, and be generous with your own time if asked to assist. More than ever, we need willing helpers to keep things running smoothly – for the kids’ sake.

In Geelong, senior competition kicks off on Saturday, November 28 – times are still to be confirmed, but expect competition at Landy Field to start from 1.30pm. This will be Round 1 of the AVSL, the first of 10 rounds to make up the 2020-21 season.

Competing athletes will be required to select one of three one-hour timeslots throughout the afternoon, during which they may compete in up to four events – one sprint, one distance run/walk, a jump and a throw. All competing athletes in any session are to depart the venue and equipment will be cleaned before the next group arrives. Online pre-registration for all events is compulsory – no entries will be accepted on competition day.

As with little athletics, the club will require many helpers to assist with the additional duties relating to COVID-19 guidelines. We encourage anyone not competing to consider volunteering their time (contact Mary McDonald) and also ask competing athletes to consider assisting in at least one different timeslot to the one in which they are competing.

Stay in touch
For the latest on Athletics Chilwell for both senior and little athletics, please keep a close eye on our Facebook page, where all news and updates will be posted.
Enjoy the season!

Michael Thornton, Little Athletics team manager: chilwelllittleaths@yahoo.com
Mary McDonald, Senior team manager: athletics.chilwell@gmail.com

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22 Aug Club Legend 2018 Finalist

We are delighted to announce that once again Athletics Chilwell has had a finalist in the Viva Energy Club Legend Awards.  Geoff McDonald was one of the 63 unsung community sporting heroes nominated in 2018 and was chosen as one of the 20 finalists, winning $1000 for the club and $1000 for himself.

Thanks Geoff for being a our club legend!

For more information on the Viva Energy Club Legend Awards visit www.clublegend.com.au



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