Senior Athletics

As a member club of Athletics Victoria, Athletics Chilwell Inc. provides opportunities to compete in regular track and field competition (summer) and cross-country running (winter) for athletes from age 12 upwards.

During summer, we compete at Landy Field in South Geelong in the 10-rounds AVSL (Athletics Victoria State League) track and field season. There are no entry requirements to compete – all ages (U14, U16, U18, U20, Open and Veterans), genders and levels of ability/mobility are welcome. Veterans compete within age groups (40-49, 50-59, 60-69 etc.). Athletes between 12 and 15 are eligible to also compete in Little Athletics.

Athletes also have the opportunity (with no qualifying standards) to compete at the Victorian Track and Field Championship, Victorian Country Athletics Championships, Victorian Relay Championships, and Vic Milers and specialist meets in Melbourne (dependent on any restrictions on movement).

To join Athletics Chilwell, register with Athletics Victoria (AV) by clicking on the button below. During that process (watch this video for a tutorial) you will create a ‘membership portal’ and be asked to nominate a club. When you choose Athletics Chilwell, the club is notified. Welcome aboard!

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Little Athletics

Little Athletics Victoria (LAV) encourages children of all ages (from under 6 to under 16) and levels of ability, including first-timers, to join their local club and compete in a variety of running, throwing and jumping events. Track and field competition is held during the summer months, and cross-country during the winter.

During summer, Athletics Chilwell little athletes compete at Landy Field in South Geelong, while cross country runs are held at various venues around the region. More information for new members can be found here.

To join, find your centre (for Athletics Chilwell, this will be Geelong Little Athletics Centre), determine your child’s age group based on their date-of-birth, and ensure you have a proof-of-age document ready. You can proceed directly to registration where you will be prompted through the steps of nominating your centre and club (Chilwell – Geelong LAC) and payment options.

Returning members can sign in to their member portal and follow the prompts to renew their membership.


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